Valeo WV40 40-Pound Weighted Vest

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The Valeo 40 lb weight vest is a weighted vest which is designed as a one fit for all weight jacket. However if you are very thin already then it may feel a little loose on you, but apart from that it can be used by people up to XXL size. It comes with straps which allow you to tighten or loosen the vest, depending on your requirements.


This forty pound vest is made from a heavy duty material which includes a durable mesh to keep you cool while you exercise.Each weight in this 40 lb weight vest weighs one pound allowing you to adjust the weights to your requirements. The pockets for the weights are found at the back of the vest and the front, and have a snug fit so they will not bounce around while you are running or performing any other type of exercise.

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It is probably best to spread the weights evenly to the front and back so that your body does not lean one way or another as you train. It is a pretty comfortable vest to wear which has reinforced shoulder padding.This weighted vest is suitable for both men and women, and is a great way to increase muscular conditioning and cardiovascular performance.If you are looking for a 40 lb weight vest, then you will not do much better than the Valeo WV40 40-Pound Weighted Vest. You can find more information by Clicking Here…


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My husband uses this for combat training since he needs to be able to lug around lots of gear while deployed. He really likes the way the vest sits but the weight distribution is definitely lower than what he is used to. The straps are difficult to adjust yourself so you do need someone to help out the first time you wear it. It is great that you can adjust the weight by taking some out when needed. This means we can both use the vest for training since I don’t use as much weight as he does. The reflective patches on it are nice also since we do a lot of our hiking at dusk. Great vest for the price.


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