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Saxon 705AZ3 Telescope Review

Saxon is a recognized optical brand that focuses on quality and diversity. The product range includes binoculars, night vision telescopes, magnifiers and related accessories. They give a perfect backup in the form of guarantees and services. Let’s take a look at one of his popular   Saxon 705AZ3 Astronomy Sky and Land Achromatic Telescope model   which is reviewed as follows.

Design and type  :

This model is designed with the optical type of achromatic refractor in which lenses are used to increase the size. The dimension of the tube measures 7 cm in diameter and 48 cm in length. The weight of the tube is 1.05 kg, while the shipping weight is 12 kg. It is designed with the black housing with a glossy finish. The lens is fully coated and provides a high quality image for vision. This model is also known as a short tube sky and earth observation device.

Opening and increase  :

The lens lens size measures 70 mm in diameter, which is a main reason behind a display image brightness. The Saxon 705AZ3 refracting telescope offers a greater practical magnification power of 375x  . The focal length that determines the size of the product measures 500 mm. This makes the focal ratio F / 7. All these technical details make it perfect for the use of beginners and even serious astronomical spectators.

Aspects of other products  :

Finder   : This model is equipped with a 5 × 24 finder that helps the user to locate the object in the deep and dark sky and also to follow the movements.

Eyepieces   : This model is provided with 3 eyepieces of size 4 mm, 12 mm and 25 mm. This helps in further expansion when necessary. It can be easily exchanged and used as desired.

Mounting control and slow motion   : Alt-azimuth type mounting is provided that allows the user to adjust on both sides. The slow motion control provided allows vertical and horizontal adjustment. These prove to be a great use for both celestial and terrestrial observation.

Tripod   : The tripod of this model is made of aluminum material and is fully adjustable. This makes it easy for the user to set the appropriate height for observation. The tripod also has an accessory tray.

Mounting lens and Barlow lens   : 45-degree mounting image prisms are present to make this model suitable for ground observation. The 3x power Barlow lens improves the delivery of terrestrial and celestial objects.

Applications  :

The Saxon 705AZ3 celestial and terrestrial telescope   is suitable from the beginner level of users to the intermediate level of users. It also allows both terrestrial and astronomical observations. It also gives way to the application of terrestrial photography with the help of a 35mm digital SLR camera that can be operated with the help of the optional t-2 adapter and ring. In astronomical observation, planets, moles, star clusters and the nebula come into vision. The multilayer lens is also an advantage, as it provides clear images with less achromatic aberration. However, this model has no features with mortar drive, access features.

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