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Ramsey Bethann Bearse Photos – Ex-Miss Kentucky Ramsey – A former Kanawha County teacher said she was the adult in a situation where she exchanged suggestive photos with a 14-year-old former student, and so she accepted the “total fault of the situation” in court on Tuesday.

Ramsey Bethann Bearse pleaded guilty to a charge of possession of material representing minors in sexually explicit conduct before Kanawha Circuit Judge Duke Bloom.

Through tears, Bearse, 29, of Charleston, pleaded guilty by way of information, and told the judge that he accepted that his statement meant facing up to two years in prison, under the supervision of a probation officer until 50 years later. his sentence and his registration as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Bloom scheduled Bearse’s sentencing hearing for January 27. He is currently out of jail on bail.

An information is a way of filing charges against a person. Information generally indicates that the defendant agreed to cooperate with prosecutors in the case.

Bearse told Bloom that he “made a mess” and made a mistake when he contacted a 14-year-old alumnus at SnapChat in 2018. At that time, Bearse was a teacher at Andrew Jackson Middle School.

Bearse said he used the application, which provides video messages and photos, to communicate with some alumni, asking how high school was going and if they were enjoying their summers.

When a student asked questions, Bearse said she crossed a line and shared too much of what was going on, that she had moved from Kentucky to West Virginia, where she had no family or friends, with her husband, who said she was working. all the time and he was too distracted and overwhelmed by work to pay attention to him.

Bearse said he had felt that he was “completely alone” since he moved to West Virginia. Under her maiden name, Carpenter, Bearse was crowned Miss Kentucky in 2014 in the Miss America beauty pageant.

Bearse accidentally sent the student a “risky photo” that said it was intended for her husband.

“From there, [the student] asked me for more, and I panicked,” he said. “He was afraid of not appeasing him, and when he asked for more, I sent him more photos of me, which led him to send a photo of his private parts.”

Bearse and Kanawha’s assistant prosecutor, Meshell Jarrett, said Bearse and the student exchanged photos between August and October 2018.

Bearse congratulated the student “in a way that seemed like he loved them, because, again, he was afraid of not appeasing him.”

“As I am the adult, and he was just a teenager, it is my fault, and I accept all the blame for the situation,” Bearse said. “This is how I am guilty of this crime. I ruined it big. ”

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