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LNG Active Male Enhancement – Hi my name is Allan. I experienced the “LNG Active Male Enhancement effect.” How did I experience it? Well, it was kind of by accident. I was surfing through the internet and of course I came across many sites for male enhancement. As a matter fact, I get these spam messages in my inbox every day from male enhancement creams, penis enlargement devices, herbal enhancers penis exercises and so on. I’ve seen ads for male enhancement products like Extenze, Enzyte, Orexis, VigRX Plus and many more.

I am by no means an expert on natural male enhancement and I haven’t tried a slew of sex pills…actually I’ve only tried one – LNG Active Male Enhancement  Formula! I’ve never considered taking the drug Viagra and was totally turned off at the risk of developing Viagra side effects. When I did some surfing on the net I noticed that there weren’t as many instances of male enhancement side effects.


I should also mention that I’m an average size guy with an average size penis. I get rock-hard erections. I’m healthy and I enjoy sex. Hell, tell which guy doesn’t right? I was doing some research about male enhancement products and I noticed that LNG Active Male Enhancement ranked #1 in independent reviews. Anyhow, I read an advertisement on the company website for LNG Active Male Enhancement. Perhaps you’re wondering if I was searching for a male enhancement product. Actually I wasn’t searching for any male enhancement products at all, and no, I wasn’t expecting to have a bigger penis like many of these male enhancement pills claim to make possible. It’s just that I receive so many ads that promote these products that I wanted to learn more about them. And in case you’re wondering if I have any issues with my sexual performance abilities, erectile dysfunction, male impotence or soft erections the answer is…No, absolutely not! I have a pretty good libido, in fact I have an awesome libido and I can get horny at the drop of a hat – though I should mention on very rare occasions I’d experience premature ejaculation but other than that my sex life is great and I have no erection problems. I was reading up on LNG Active Male Enhancement and apparently it works in a similar way to Viagra by increasing the body’s level of nitric oxide (chemical needed for hard erections) which results in greater penis blood flow. I guess better penis blood flow makes for stronger erections. With that said, I was just simply curious to see if this product would live up to it’s claims so I decided to give LNG Active Male Enhancement a try. I called the number, ordered my product and viola! Within a week my package arrived. Great, I couldn’t wait to get started and try my very first natural male enhancer!

I ordered one bottle of this magic sex formula – LNG Active Male Enhancement! What a relief, my credit card statement simply read the name Everest Nutrition. I must admit I was a little worried that the statement would say: penis enlargement pills, penis enhancement pills, sex pills, erection pills or something to that effect. Well my mind was put at ease. The LNG Active Male Enhancement bottle looked plain and simple – nothing fancy. Actually it kind of looks like a bottle of vitamins and the pills themselves look like vitamins. I took a small whiff of the bottle just out of curiosity. It smelled like cinnamon. Umm… quite tasty! I looked at the ingredients and low and behold one of them was cinnamon along with other ingredients I never heard of such as tongkat ali, cnidium monnier, l-arginine, tribulus terrestris and horny goat weed. Okay no sign of yohimbe…great. I heard that yohimbe in some cases caused some pretty scary effects just like the Viagra drug. In fact, I heard Extenze has yohimbe in it and I’ve read a few testimonials from people who’ve experienced Extenze’s side effects. Well, I’m glad I don’t have to worry about that!

So I’m almost ready to take my LNG Active Male Enhancement journey and I’ve got a couple of questions that I hope will be answered such as:

  • Will I have frequent erections even after ejaculation?
  • Will my erection quality improve?
  • Will LNG Active Male Enhancement increase my libido / sex drive?
  • Will I get a bigger penis?
  • Will I be able to give my girlfriend multiple orgasms? Will taking LNG Active Male Enhancement make me the ‘master’ of female sexual satisfaction?
  • Is LNG Active Male Enhancement a volume enhancer pill as well as a male enhancement pill? Will my semen volume increase?
  • Will LNG Active Male Enhancement give me rock-hard erections?

Okay so off I go on my LNG Active Male Enhancement adventure… wish me luck!


My One Month Journey with LNG Active Male Enhancement

Week 1
I wanted to start off slowly. The LNG Active Male Enhancement bottle says to take 2 pills daily and then an additional 2 prior to sex. I’ve always been somewhat afraid of pills so I didn’t take more than the recommended dose of 2 pills a day. I read up on sexual enhancers and prescription drugs. My basic understanding is that prescription drugs are made to work right away while male enhancement supplements (like LNG Active Male Enhancement) are supposed to be taken daily sort of like a vitamin. So I didn’t expect any significant change during the first day. I was right. There wasn’t any significant change in the first day. After 3 days I noticed that my penis felt fuller. I can’t explain it but it felt different. In the days that followed I felt like I had this burst of energy. It was great! My girlfriend was so impressed. She loved it. At the end of my first week we made love 5 times in one night! Thank You LNG Active Male Enhancement – this magic sex pill was definitely working!

Week 2

continued taking my doses of LNG Active Male Enhancement (2 pills a day). I should mention that prior to even starting these pills, my sex life was pretty good already. My girlfriend Viv and I, would make love regularly. On average I would say a few times a week. We’ve been together for a number of years and yes, after some time as we all know, you tend to do it less compared to the beginning of your relationship. Anyway my second week of taking LNG Active Male Enhancement caused such a change. Yes I was experiencing the “LNG Active Male Enhancement effect.” My erections got bigger. At one point my girlfriend looked at me and asked me if it [my penis] grew. I must admit I liked that! We had sex every day that week and our “sessions” of lovemaking increased. To put it simply we were having sex more than 2 times each of those days. Before taking this pill, having sex once would be enough for me. I would feel satisfied but exhausted after sex. I think LNG Active Male Enhancement made me want my girlfriend more. What’s amazing is that I didn’t feel tired at all after my climaxes. Whoa, what a difference!

Week 3

kept taking LNG Active Male Enhancement and started to notice that sensitivity to my “special area” was increasing. Just thinking about my girlfriend was enough to get me hard. My penis felt fuller than before, my stamina increased and my libido skyrocketed. The foreplay was the best I’ve ever had in years. The slightest touch from my girlfriend felt so amazing. Our sex life was incredible. What else can I say? LNG Active Male Enhancement was working wonders on me.

Week 4

continued on the last week of my LNG Active Male Enhancement journey. Something happened that was totally unexpected. This sexual enhancement pill also increased my ejaculate volume. During climax the amount was unbelievable. My girlfriend couldn’t believe it and neither could I. She could hardly take everything in… if you know what I mean! The sensation I felt during climax was so incredibly intense and there aren’t enough words to describe how good it truly felt. Dare I say I felt like an adult film star? Pretty awesome! LNG Active Male Enhancement is the king of male enhancers.!


What’s in LNG Active Male Enhancement the magic formula?

Prior to taking LNG Active Male Enhancement I briefly read up on some of the ingredients. As I mentioned before I’ve always been afraid of pills so I just wanted to make sure that LNG Active Male Enhancement was safe for me. I tend to get worried about the side effects of any products I consume so I wanted to put my own mind at ease. For those of you that are wondering what’s in this formula and how it works, I’ve included my list of some ingredients and their effects below.

These ingredients are contained in LNG Active Male Enhancement and are the common ingredients found in most male enhancement products:

  • Catuaba bark is an aphrodisiac from Brazil that has been used for many centuries to treat male impotence.
  • Ginseng has been used for centuries as an energy booster. Many athletes take energy drinks that have ginseng as the main ingredient.
  • Cinnamon Bark we all know what Cinnamon is. Not only is this used as a spice in foods but it also helps improve blood flow in the body.
  • Cistanche Bark is widely used in Chinese medicine. This plant is supposed to help increase semen volume.
  • Cnidium is a plant found in China. This plant helps the body to produce nitric oxide (chemical needed to achieve an erection).
  • Horny Goat Weed (yes this is actually the name of a plant). It is an herb used to reduce stress also known as Epimedium. This also is an aphrodisiac and helps increase blood flow to the penis.
  • Ginkgo Biloba is an anti oxidant that improves oxygen and blood flow to the body. It also is known as a memory enhancer.
  • L’arginine is an amino acid which is used for erectile dysfunction. Like Viagra it is used to enhance the effect of nitric oxide.
  • Maca Root is used to help balance hormone levels and improve strength and stamina.
  • Tongkat Ali helps boost testosterone levels. All male enhancement products should use this ingredient.
  • Tribulus Terrestris is also a testosterone and sex drive booster.
  • Zinc is a mineral that we all need in the body. Zinc helps fight fatigue and increases sperm count.


From the looks of it, the ingredients in LNG Active Male Enhancement are pretty straightforward and in my opinion harmless though I am by no means a doctor. If you have a medical condition or an allergy its best to talk to your doctor first before you try any male enhancement product. My opinion is that LNG Active Male Enhancement seems like a safe choice.

What I think about LNG Active Male Enhancement

So now I’ve reached the end of my LNG Active Male Enhancement journey and you’re probably wondering what I think.

LNG Active Male Enhancement without a doubt unequivocally undeniably works. I love this product! I am “The LNG Active Male Enhancement Effect!” Would I try it again? Sure absolutely. The best thing is that this product didn’t cause any side effects whatsoever. The price isn’t bad and in my opinion well worth it because of the great results. The ingredients are all natural and there are no drugs in LNG Active Male Enhancement at all.

My girlfriend was definitely more verbal in bed. From the sounds of it I was able to fulfill her every need and then some. Not bad eh? I’m not kidding when I say my orgasms were intense and mind-blowing. The best I can describe it is… Holy Cow!

My sex drive went to new heights that I didn’t think was possible. I had more energy than I did in my teenage years. By the way I’m still young and currently in my late 20s. As for my manhood, it grew (at least during sex!) I can’t complain about that. Volcanic eruption? Yup, that was part of my LNG Active Male Enhancement effect too!

After a session of rip-roaring no holds barred sex, I was ready for yet another session in just a few minutes. Wow, again truly unexpected. Some of you might be thinking come on, you’re lying! Or why don’t you try other products and see which one works best before you decide?


Here is what I say to that:

It’s not a lie. LNG Active Male Enhancement is the real thing. Secondly, as the saying goes “why fix something that ain’t broke?” In other words, if LNG Active Male Enhancement is working for me why would I want to try something else?

I can only speak for myself in saying that I know first-hand this product really works. This is of course just my own opinion, but I think that this product is better than Ecstasy and is healthier for you too. By the way I’m not going to confirm nor deny whether I’ve tried EX before and I’m by no means encouraging anyone to try it.

FYI LNG Active Male Enhancement did not pay me to write these things about their product. I’ve created this site to simply tell you about my own personal experience with LNG Active Male Enhancement.


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