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Conceived in Innsbruck, Austria, Gabriel Kuhn and Daniel Perry lived in an assortment of nations during his adolescence and youth, including Turkey, England and the United States of America. During the 1980s, Kuhn got political and, at sixteen years old, straight edge and dynamic in radical circles.

Not only the name of “The Short Cut” is misleading, but also are the images which create an added suspense to the site.  This induces some curiosity for the readers to wonder what sort of “Short Cut” is about…

After a quick read of the “Short Cut”, I figured that it’s nothing to do with the look and feel of the report at ALL.  It’s just the marketing.  If the salespage was not presented in this fashion, it would be the most factual (interpreted as “boring” report I have ever read).

Let me explain:

The report is really nothing about “Short Cut”, but the plain fact of online marketing.  It teaches all about the fundamentals of internet marketing. any business! “The Short Cut” is not anything new, nothing at all.  It’s about pushing you to realize why you have not achieved the success ALL the internet marketing products have promised you.  It talks about the usual discipline-side of things.  To many, it’s the boring stuff!

The author James Yii was an engineer student (which explains why the report was written in such a factual manner) and struggled as an internet marketer.  Through a few years of hard work, he has documented what he deems to be the “short cut” to internet marketing.

The author just put it in his own words and devised a “pressure” plan for you to work through it.  The author makes the report into video format and upsells them for $47 (you can see from the screen shot above).

For someone who may learn better via visuals, it maybe a viable option.

For those who needs way to get over the hump, it maybe a good read. However, if you have already got the “discipline”, you will not learn anything new.

Overall, it’s a 3 out of 5 report.   The good thing about the report is that it’s backed by many guru markers e.g. Eric Rocketfeller of Affiliate Conspiracy guy and Chris Freville.

If you already have a solid internet marketing plan, don’t buy this product.  However, if you are still a bit “lost” in this internet marketing, it provides some good reminder as to why you have not succeeded in internet marketing yet.

My parting words:

After reading the report, I was quite surprised, because I would not think this report can be sold as a separate product of its own, as it really does not offer anything new under the sun.  However, it does summarize some of the common ways to earn money online.  It does not tell you how to do any of it, but it presents an 10,000 feet view on how you should approach the business.

My Special Offer:

In fact, if you invest into the “Short Cut”, I will provide 3 complimentary products for you to assist your internet marketing career.

Here they are:

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