Compressive Asphyxia Death

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Compressive Asphyxia Death – weight loss

Developed on the basis of B vitamins that promote fat scission. Less 10-12 kg per month. It does not affect the heart or nervous system. Guaranteed quality, complete environmental safety 100% natural composition.

Why do you get fat Compressive Asphyxia Death?

Compressive Asphyxia Death – Have you been told more than once that the main causes of being Compressive Asphyxia are hormonal dysfunctions, a sedentary lifestyle and a harmful environment? But these are only indirect factors.

In 90% of cases, excess weight is a direct consequence of an unnatural diet!

The products purchased at the supermarket contain artificial preservatives, synthetic flavors and dyes. These chemical components cause digestion problems and cause body systems to be congested with waste. In this way, fat deposits are formed.

Comment from a dietology specialist

“To allow the body to purify itself, dissolve a few drops of EcoSlim in a glass of water and drink it during or after meals once a day. Soon you will feel the difference. Already in a week, the weight will decrease and problems with stomach and digestion will disappear. The most reassuring thing is that this unique composition was developed in collaboration with the Institute of Nutrition. Natural vitamin complexes are much more effective and safe than any chemical compound. The combination of taurine, caffeine and extract Guarana can really be considered a gift from heaven for all those who try to lose weight, since this complex splits the fat deposits of problem areas in a few days. ยป

Carefully selected composition to obtain the best possible results:

  • Vegetable glycerin
  • Green tea leaf extract
  • Ginger root extract
  • Hawthorn fruit extract
  • Raspberry flavor
  • Strawberry flavor

Eco Slim Designed in accordance with

  • European technologies
  • Approved by health inspections
  • Mineral deficiency becomes the cause of excess weight!
  • You might think that plants
  • are not powerful enough to burn fat …
  • But scientific discoveries say otherwise!
  • B2 Normalizes the hormonal balance of the body
  • B6 Regulates metabolic processes, strengthens skin, hair and nails
  • B12 Accelerates the metabolism, helps to assimilate nutrients
  • B5 Contributes to breaking down carbohydrates and fats
  • B8 Reduces cholesterol, regulates the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Taurine Activates metabolic processes and burns fat
  • Caffeine Succinic acid Eliminates toxins and excess liquids, burns fat and activates the cell renewal process.

Your future results:

Just one glass of water with a few drops of EcoSlim and your body will start to change day by day!

  • up to 0.5kg less per day
  • up to 3.5kg less per day
  • up to 10-12kg less per day

Feedback from our customers

Martina Nibali 24 years old Being fat for a whole life and then losing weight in a month, fantastic! I am very happy with the EcoSlim product. It has an excellent taste, reduces appetite and eliminates the sense of heaviness in the stomach. This is the first remedy that allowed me to lose 13 kg! At first I lost little weight, but then I started to lose 1 kg per day.

Daniele Prandi 32 years To be honest, I lost weight for my daughter: I couldn’t run or play with her, it was also difficult for me to bend over. I lost over 10 kg and then I started going to the gym. EcoSlim is a fantastic product. I still drink it when I don’t train or eat too much during the holidays.

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