Andrea Arruti Death Obituary: Actress Andrea Has Passed Away

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Neeko league of legend voice Andrea Arruti has died at the age of 21. Her cause of death has not been said

I recently read a blog post published by “Fat Woman” (what she calls herself), and her point is that the woman’s figure is not important because the most important thing is her charm. But you know what? I really can’t remain silent on this issue!

I’m sure that every fat girl or woman will actually be unhappy because of being overweight, but pretend to be strong, hiding everything under the appearance of incapability, such as “I like what I look like” or “I still There are many other places worth being loved. “Actually not! You don’t need to be “unchanged”! Believe me; no man really likes to see women’s big belly, oversized ass, or fat! And he certainly didn’t want to touch these.

But this situation can be changed! I hope our story can inspire everyone.

5 years ago, I married for love. Our life is good, I make money to support my family, and Sophie (my wife) is a housewife at home. I make a lot of money, so we often go for “one-price all-inclusive” holidays. We also always go out for dinner. I also often have private family parties full of good food, and I can afford all the expenses … and this is why Sophie has grown a little bit fat in the past two years. What I mean by gaining weight here is not to say that it is 5 kg, 10 kg, or even 20 kg. Once she weighed her weight and it showed that she had exceeded 100 kg! Of course, she was frustrated by this, but instead of having a weight loss plan, she started eating ice cream and cakes to comfort her. There is no doubt that she has gained a dozen kilograms.

Once our old friend came to visit us. We haven’t seen them for a long time. They looked at Sophie, and then I noticed the terror in their eyes. Then they said to me privately, “It’s almost impossible for her to lose weight like her weight. If you don’t want to live with a big fat for your whole life, then it’s best to leave her before everything comes. ”

3 years ago with Sophie


Difficult start

After that conversation, I stayed up all night. On the one hand, I think my friends might be right. But on the other hand, I love my wife so much, how can I leave her like that? I’m at a loss! The next morning, I made a decision: I couldn’t leave her, and I didn’t want to leave her. I want to slowly and gradually get her back to the previous state in some way.

Of course, the first thing that comes to my mind is a healthy diet. But how can I suggest Sophie so she doesn’t order chicken wings, pizza and spare ribs anymore, but chooses low-fat cheese and fresh vegetables? Then I thought of a way to make her a “surprise” dinner. I spent several nights searching for low-calorie recipes online. But Sophie wasn’t stupid at all, and she immediately guessed why. She politely thanked me for the “surprise” she had, and tears in her eyes for eating the dinner I made for her.

After a week, I don’t know if it was because my wife continued to overeating while I was away, or just because this method was useless. In short, this method  had no effect at all. So I decided to try another more aggressive way to lose weight,  exercise  . But unlike the “surprise” dinner, I can pretend to be innocent, and the intention to get a fitness card is quite obvious.

Then I came up with a very clever idea. I gave both of us a fitness card, and asked my friend to give it to us as a “gift” on Christmas. But I think Sophie still thought about where the gift came from. But she still pretended to be excited and went to the gym with me. In the following month, we went to the gym 3 times a week, and I really like to exercise, but my wife felt very uncomfortable. Obviously, she didn’t like to exercise. Of course, the result was still  ineffective …

Last attempt

Sophie once refused to go to the gym, and she locked herself in the room and never went out again. Seeing her like this, I feel really painful. And once, I overheard her talking to her friend on the phone. My wife cried and told her that she loved me. She didn’t want me to be tortured because of her. She wanted to leave me. I was shocked! This prompted me to take decisive action immediately.

That same day, as soon as Sophie fell asleep, I started searching the Internet for a variety of weight-loss forums. I hope to find some ways we haven’t tried yet. I looked at an estimated 100 forums, and finally I found this product!

This slimming capsule is called Eco Slim , and this capsule has helped some women to lose weight successfully. Looking at their “before” and “after” photos, I really can’t wait to wake up my wife and show her the photos. But I didn’t, I have to be more careful.

The website says they are made from  natural ingredients  . (By the way, this capsule is only available on the official website). I think this capsule should be harmless to health because after all, the ingredients of this product are pure natural, so I ordered it.

Totally different life

I think that day has become a turning point in our lives! First, I secretly added the capsule to Sophie’s drink and let the capsule melt inside so that Sophie would not find it. A few days later, when I noticed that Sophie’s cheeks were no longer so fleshy and the meat on her stomach was a little less, I decided to recommend Eco Slim to her as a normal vitamin. And it really works! After she witnessed her own physical changes, my wife became more energetic and confident. She thought it was the effect of “vitamins”.

Three weeks later, Sophie decided to weigh again. As a result, she has lost 18 kg! I think it’s time I told her the real hero- Eco Slim . To my surprise, when she knew it, she was not angry. On the contrary, she was very grateful to me, and said that it would not be possible to achieve such an effect by herself.

After a long talk, everything changed. First, Sophie is finally not so shy; second, watching her makes me happy; third, our relationship is more frank than before. My wife has been taking Eco Slim for almost a month. As a result, she lost 40 kg in 7-8 weeks! My eyes kept looking at her, and she didn’t want to leave. She looked too beautiful. I realized that I decided to help and support her instead of leaving her. And now I can enjoy the results of my efforts.

Disclaimer: Results vary from person to person, depending on the individual’s physical condition, lifestyle and personal medical history.

When my wife’s weight dropped to 68 kg, she suddenly stopped losing weight. At first we didn’t know what exactly happened. But then I learned that Sophie was pregnant! I remember when I knew the news, I shed tears. We have wanted children for many years.

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