Abidexin Reviews – Read the Truth

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Abidexin Reviews – Read the Truth

The first thing I look for in a diet pill is proven ingredients. Abidexin drew my attention because it has powerful and patented herbs. Unfortunately, experience has taught me proven ingredients aren’t the final say. In fact, several ineffective diet pills have proven ingredients.

To be effective, Abidexin needs proven ingredients and proven dosages.

Under the Lid: Abidexin’s Proven Ingredients

I was relieved to see the Abidexin offers a long list of ingredients based on science rather than fact:

Irvingia Gabonensis contains fiber, which satisfies cravings and lowers cholesterol. The African fruit also increases leptin and adiponectin. These hormones burn fat and stop hunger signals. Study participants who took irvingia gabonensis felt less hungry and lost up to 28 lbs. (Lipids in Health & Disease, 2009).Caffeine Anhydrous increases metabolism and boosts energy levels. One study found 100 mg caffeine raises metabolism 3-4%. By suppressing the NPY stress hormone, caffeine anhydrous improves mood and reduces cravings (American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 1989).Coleus Forskohlii increases AMP production which boosts energy levels and optimizes performance. Unlike other stimulants, it does not act extensively on the central nervous system. This enables dieters to enjoy all the energy-boosting benefits without the negative side effects. According to studies, coleus mitigates weight gain while improving metabolic parameters. (Henderson et al., 2005).And those are just three key ingredients! For the full list, as well as in-depth information, go to Abidexin.com.

Are Proven Dosages Used?

I can tell Abidexin is backed by scientific research because the official website provides references to the research they used. I’m impressed with how much information the manufacturers provide about their product.During studies, participants took the proven dosages 2-3 times a day. I recommend doing the same. Take 1-2 capsules before breakfast and lunch.

Abidexin users recommend drinking plenty of water. It will keep you hydrated and prevent caffeine side effects

The Final Say on Abidexin

Because Abidexin contains proven ingredients and proven dosages, it should help users lose weight. All the ingredients are safe and since proven dosages are used, the side effect risk is low. In fact, research shows these ingredients–except caffeine–do not cause side effects. The only users who reported side effects were sensitive to caffeine.A few users may not get results, so that’s why the Abidexin company offers a 100% money back guarantee. I recommend buying Abidexin because it’s one of the best diet pills.

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